Monday, November 15, 2010

Painting Pumpkins

Kenly loves to paint, and I don't let her nearly as often as I should. She'd getting a used easel for Christmas, and I'm sure once we have a set up that works, she'll be painting up a storm. I bought her a mini pumpkin for painting. I wanted to let her paint it every week in October, but we only did it once. Oh the best laid plans...

Love, love, love the elbow dimple in this first shot.

Yes. In the Brand household we paint in our guitar undies. I'll be looking for an appropriate smock soon.
I think she's got mad talent. I love that she wants me to paint with her.
Getting messy is part of the process. Isn't she a masterpiece?
We had to improvise with a pumpkin holder so we could decorate both sides.
The pumpkin is getting slightly squish now, so I think it will be tossed into the woods to compost soon. But the memories of painting it are forever.

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