Monday, November 15, 2010

Halloween 2010--The Buzz

Halloween this year was full of fun and adventure. Uncle Travis and Aunt Carrie came up to help us have a great time. Friday evening started off with adult time. Adam and I needed to catch up with Travis and Carrie. It had been far too long. Travis and Carrie are Kenly's godparents, and we love them dearly.
On Saturday we enjoyed a lazy morning and prepared for the festivities the evening offered. Meghan and Ava let us borrow an adorable bumble bee costume this year. We headed down to the park for a Trunk-or-Treat the neighborhood offered. Aunt Carrie got the bumble bee set to go.

While the men napped/watched football, Carrie and I created costumes for the whole gang. We had two very manly honey pots and two feminine flowers.
Here is Kenly diving into her first candy bowl. I forgot to prepare her about the costumes, so she was a bit timid. I did edit this photo, but I promise that the color saturation is normal. This woman's wig was that bright.
After a few pieces of candy, Kenly was ready to look at her spoils. She and Aunt Carrie had a time looking at her loot.
She even got to pick candy off of a tree.
Here are the flowers and the bee.
She is perhaps the cutest bee I've ever seen. I'm glad she's a part of my hive.
When the costumes got too overwhelming, Kenly would hide behind her basket. See? You can't see her. She's invisible.
Enjoying a mouth full of candy.

Kenly was really excited about getting a few candy balloons.
Proof that I was indeed with my child on Halloween. On occasion I forget to let someone take a picture of me.
We left the park and went downtown for Trick-or-Treat Street in Hendersonville. Kenly didn't want any more candy, so she found a place where she could dance. Aunt Carrie and Uncle Travis quickly discovered that our costumes were just confusing if the bee was not close.
To conserve her energy, she rode on Daddy's shoulder until we reached the DJ.
This bee has some moves.
On Halloween Sunday, we carved a pumpkin. Aunt Carrie scooped out all the guts. It's her favorite part of the process.
Kenly and I carved the nose and eyes. Kenly dictated the shapes again, and I was the labor.

I felt confident that I would stab myself if I tried to carve the mouth, so Adam took over.

The finished product made us all smile.The rare family photo. The only member missing is Chance.
We roasted a few marshmallows.
Kenly enjoyed showing off a mouth full of marshmallow.
We loved having Uncle Travis (Uncle CaCa) and Aunt Carrie celebrate with us.
Kenly is still enjoying her candy. She likes to spread it out and look at it.

Halloween was a smashing success. Next year I'll try and remember to prepare the child for the many different costumes she will see.

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