Monday, November 15, 2010

Baking Something Yummy

Before Halloween, Nana sent a recipe for candy corn cupcakes. There's really nothing special about them except for the addition of sour cream and food coloring to the batter. The whole point is to make the cupcake look like a candy corn--yellow, orange, and white.

Since her motor skills are more fine tuned these days, I let her pour in all the ingredients.
Kenly really enjoys stirring the batter all by herself.
She decided to be brave and tackle the mixer all by herself. She had a grand time until the beaters hit the side of the bowl. The noise they made on contact nearly caused her to jump off the chair she was standing on.
After we mixed the batter, we divided it into two bowls. We dyed one bowl yellow and the other orange. Kenly really enjoyed watching the batter change colors.
Kenly put all the Halloween cupcake papers in the muffin tin. She didn't want any help.
With a little help, Kenly layered the batter colors. Yellow first.

And then orange.Once the cupcakes baked and cooled, we iced the cupcakes. Don't worry. Kenly only iced her cupcake.

She enjoyed the fruits of her labor.The end product was cute and delicious. Thankfully Adam takes most of our baking to work with him, so we didn't partake of too much of the yummy goodness.
Next year Kenly and I are going to tackle a huge baking project out of a Halloween cookbook that Mops sent in the mail. We have to keep those creative juices flowing.

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