Thursday, November 18, 2010

Looking Glass Falls

On Saturday we took Kenly on an outdoor adventure. We all needed some fresh air, so we headed to Looking Class Fall for a quick peek at a waterfall. Then we headed to Pisgah National Forest for a quick hike before finishing the outing with some BBQ at Hawg Wild. The food was so good that I'm still drooling.

For the first time in Kenly's life, she asked to wear a hat. Since winter is on its way, I want to encourage this behavior. She kept the hat on during our entire adventure. If it fell off, she was distraught.
These two love each other madly.

I played with some editing techniques on this shot, and I was really pleased with the outcome.

Our four legged friend came with us, and he was super excited to be in the great outdoors.
While we were hiking, Kenly announced that she had to potty. We quickly removed her shoes, socks, pants, and undies so she could cop-a-squat on the side of the trail. She's already mastered the jungle squat and she's only two. The "full moon" rising above the leaves was an adorable sight. I have a picture, but I don't want her to kill me one day, so it will remain private.

I'm trying to show her a ladybug in the picture. Who knows why I'm wearing that expression. Adam fetched her a pail of river water after hiking. She wanted to get in the water at the waterfall, so this was a nice compromise.

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