Thursday, November 18, 2010

Delirious About Fall

I took these pictures on Sunday. Adam was blowing leaves off the roof because rain was coming in for Monday and Tuesday, so Kenly and I decided to join him in the yard to do our share. We did rake and work, but we also took time to snap a few pictures. Nothing beats frolicking in the leaves on a crisp fall day. I posted my favorite yesterday because it deserved a post all its own.

Today Kenly and I had a date at Cracker Barrel for morning pancakes. We sat beside a raging fire. The trip was delightful. On the way home she told me her forehead and her ear hurt. She's been under the weather for about three weeks now, so I finally broke down and called ABC Peds. Dr. Mustoe saw her today and pronounced a double ear infections and possible sinusitis. We now have an antibiotic on our side, and hopefully she'll be good as new by Thanksgiving. Hopefully the little girl can get some sleep too.

Kenly really loves to rake. I think I need to invest in a kid sized rake so she can help us move the mounds of leaves in the yard.

This photo reminds me of last year's impromptu photo shoot in the leaves. It's hard to believe that my baby is now a girl.

I love, love, love this picture. I know it's a bit out of focus, but it captures the fun perfectly.

Gotta love the leaf hanging out of her mouth, right?

Where is Kenly Shae? I can't find her.
Oh...there she is.

I should have taught her to make leaf angels...after all, winter is coming and she needs the practice.
Thank you God for the blessing of leaves. I might complain about raking and cleaning up, but they are indeed blessings.

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Brittany Nicole said...

These pictures of her with the leaves are absolutely perfect. The one you said was your favorite is mine too...of her throwing the leaves in the air slightly out of focus. What great memories she will have one day because of you! :)