Monday, November 22, 2010

Asheville Christmas Parade

Adam discovered that the Asheville Christmas Parade was this weekend, so we dressed in some holiday cheer and went to watch the 90 + floats/performers that were scheduled. We told Kenly about the bands, the dancers, the animals, and all the other wonderful things a parade is made up of. We told her Santa would be there too.

We were toward the end of the parade route, so we had to wait a bit longer for the parade to start. Kenly wore a green shirt and her Christmas tree bow and her snowman bow.
Here she is grooving to some music.
Look at those pony tails fly.
Since she was super adorable, she scored a bunch of candy and goodies from everyone in the parade.
She scored so much candy that Adam suggested that she share some with the kids near us. Instead, she stood and looked pitiful so that she could try and get more candy. We called her off before it worked. We're still working on sharing.
Nothing says Christmas parade like kids on unicycles.
She received an American flag from an elf. She was thrilled.

As she was holding her flag, the wind kicked up. The flag started blowing and she was amazed. I love how excited and perplexed she looks in this picture.
Then she started looking for the wind.
When this dance troupe came by, Kenly tried to do everything they did. It's really fun to watch a two year old try and do high kicks.
When asked what her favorite part of the parade was, Kenly replied, "the llamas and the dancers."

Getting down with the dancing reindeer.
She enjoyed some loving from a dog who needs a home. The Asheville Humane Society is where we adopted our darling Chance. He turned 8 this weekend.
Enjoying some of the candy she received.
She tuckered out really quickly. At one point I saw a set of parents leaving with a child about Kenly's age. I turned to Adam and said, "Now that is a sacrilege. When you have a child, you can't leave before you see Santa."

Boy did I eat those words.
After failing to subdue a meltdown, we left at float number 55. Santa was float 90-something. There's always next year, right?


Shannon said...

Adorable pictures! I can just see her dancing with the reindeer.

Anonymous said...

Great pics and story telling. I love the part about getting all of that candy :-)

Anonymous said...

Rhonda I'm just getting started on this blog comment and can't figure out how to do it other than anonymously. Hope all is well with you. See you soon.