Monday, September 13, 2010

Not Me Monday--Red Handed

Have any failures in parenting this week? Feeling guilty because you let your child eat raisins that appeared from what seemed like nowhere? Join me in letting it all hang out. You can go see what other people have not been doing on MckMama's blog.

While having a conversation with my husband, I did not look down to find that Kenly had destroyed a tape (My Utmost for His Highest) right under our noses.

I did not laugh.

I did not proceed to take pictures instead of giving her a stern lecture on how we don't destroy things, especially thing that don't belong to us.

She did not call said tape innards floss. She did not proceed to try and use the "floss" to clean her teeth.

Speaking of tapes, I did not introduce Kenly to the joys of New Kids on the Block last Sunday. We did not jam out in the kitchen for almost an hour to Popsicle and other jewels from my musical past. Paula Abdul's Opposites Attract and Arrested Development's Mr. Wendell were not on the playlist. I don't secretly plan on adding these songs to the next CD I give out as a party favor at Kenly's birthday.

I've moved on to better music, right?

I did not put off potty training, yet again, because we failed to run out of diapers at a time convenient for me. I always think of my child before myself.

I am not putting off getting rid of the binky because I feel I will have lost my baby forever when it is officially gone. I'm not that irrational.

What have you not been up to these days?

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