Sunday, September 26, 2010

NC Mountain Fair 2010

Kenly has been to the NC Mountain Fair every year of her life. This year we almost didn't take her because she was feeling a bit under the weather while cutting her two year molars. We decided to take her for a few hours on Thursday, and we did not regret our decision.
Maybe the deep fried candy bar and the corn dog, but not our decision to see the fair through the eyes of our child.

I packed everything we needed for the fair except the DSLR camera. Bad mommy. I did bring my flip camera and we were able to take a few videos of Kenly enjoying the carousel. If you need pictures of past years, you can check here and here. We rode the carousel a total of four times. Three of those times were in a row. We paid $18.00 and at first I thought that was crazy. But after seeing Kenly's joy and her radiant smile, I decided I would have paid $100.00.

Her favorite part of the fair was the loud noise thing. While we were on the carousel, we prepared Kenly for a loud noise because they were about to shoot a man out of a cannon. Kenly's not a fan of unexpected loud noises, so we didn't want her to be taken by surprise. It turns out that the blast that propels and man through a ride is silent. Kenly loved watching the man fly through the circle, especially since it didn't make any noise. This video is of Kenly riding her favorite red horse. Yes, the horse is black, but the saddle is a deep red. Isn't her joy contagious?

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Brittany Nicole said...

This is precious! It's so fun watching her taking in all of her surroundings, not wanting to miss a thing, and just looking genuinely amazed at everything going on around her. So sweet!