Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fall=NC Mountain Sate Fair

We took Kenly to the NC Mountain State Fair today. If you'll remember, she's been to the fair before. Last year Uncle Jason and Aunt Paula came with us, and we had a grand time. This year we only took Benny Bunny as a guest. Kenly enjoyed the carousel more this year. She even tried to say wheee. She loved all the noises, the foods, the rides, and the cool sights. We looked at some cows, ducks, pigs, goats, and horses. We watched two ponies get into a bit of a spat. One pony didn't like the other pony nibbling his butt, so a kicking match ensued. Don't worry...they were both put in time out before anyone got hurt.

Daddy rode the carousel with Kenly this year too. I think he loved it as much as Kenly.
Am I married to a funny man or what? Looking at this picture, I think Kenly looks like her Daddy.
We picked a grey horse because we knew it would make Mops proud. Our horse was the fastest too.
Kenly tried her hand at a fair game this year. She refused to pick a duck. She wanted to grab all the stuffed animal instead. At one point she almost pulled three tigers into the duck pond. She won a miniature pink rabbit.
And what would the fair be without a deep fried candy bar? See that ferris wheel in the background. According to fair lore, Elvis Pressley rode on that very ferris wheel. Could it be?

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