Monday, August 30, 2010

Funny, Funnier, Funniest--Kenlyism

Kenly: Look, Mama. That's Nana and Papa's house(pointing to a fruit stand).
Me: No baby. Nana and Papa don't live there, but they do have a tent like that.
Kenly: Nana and Papa live far, far away. In Augusta.


Kenly: I want some birthday cake.
Me: Kenly, you'll have to wait until Daddy brings you a piece. Then you can have a bite or two.
Kenly: (holding up two fingers) I'll take two.

Scene: The Bathroom
(Kenly is sitting on the toilet talking away to Mops. Pops approaches the door.)

Pops: Kenly what are you doing?
Kenly: (getting up and closing the door in Pop's face) I tinklin'.

Kenly: I want to play with the letter puzzle now.
Me: We have to put the number puzzle away first. Can you hand me the 8 and the 9 so we can put them away?
Kenly: No Mama. They are in time out.

Adam: Kenly, what was your favorite part of the Farmer's Market today?
Kenly: (looking at her father like he's dense) The food.

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