Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cherokee Adventure with Mops

We went to Cherokee, NC this weekend to celebrate an early Mother's Day with Mops. Adam rented a three bedroom cabin so that we could sleep without Kenly in the room. When Kenly rooms with us, no one sleeps. Kenly called the cabin the red house for obvious reasons. We all had a blast. Friday night we had an Arby's picnic at the Oconaluftee Island Park which is named for the river that runs through the middle of the park. Kenly and Mops through a million rocks into the river and then we headed back to the cabin for some down time before bed.

Saturday morning started off with some swinging on the porch. Kenly liked pushing Daddy in the swing.
This was a morning shot of the "red house."
Kenly and Mops enjoyed some reading while soaking up the early morning sun.

Kenly was thrilled to find a million caterpillars crawling on the porch. She was gentle with most of them. I think only one caterpillar met his demise at her hand.
After a slow start, we got ready for adventure. We all got Cherokee Reservation fishing licenses to fish the Oconaluftee. Kenly and I hung out at a playground near the river while Mops and Adam tried to catch a few trout. When Kenly got tired, we went back to the red house for lunch and a nap. Mops and Adam kept fishing until hunger drove them home. Mops wanted to rest for awhile, so Adam and I took Kenly back to the park. I got to try my hand at fishing. I caught nothing. The river was super swift. At times I thought I would be washed downstream. Adam entertained Kenly by feeding ducks and throwing rocks. Kenly even saw her first group of baby ducks. When the critter got restless, we went home for dinner. Once Kenly was down for the night, Adam and I escaped for a date. We went Harrah's casino on the reservation. All of our favorite penny slots were gone. I only lost $5.00 in one hour of play. Poor Adam lost $20.00. When we got tired of giving money away, we went back to the cabin for rest.

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