Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cherokee & Playground Fun

After we checked out of the cabin, we were not ready to part ways yet. We decided to try and play a game of riverside Scrabble while Kenly played on the playground. The game never happened. We all played on the playground with Kenly instead.

Kenly is starting to get interested in the "big kid" swings already. She does a great job when she remembers to hold on with both hand. I still prefer to push her in the bucket swings, but I don't want her growing up so fast, so I'm not sure my vote counts.
The playground had a drum. Kenly and Mops made some beautiful music.
Kenly is an adventurous spirit. She'll walk out of sight and explore without Mommy or Daddy. She'll climb and jump, but she still wants a hand on the slide.
Mops was protecting Kenly from her Daddy in this shot.

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