Monday, May 3, 2010

Pops and Play-Doh

Last week Pops came to visit us in the pollinated mountains of North Carolina. Kenly was so excited to see her Pops. After dinner on Monday night, we all sat down for a bit of fun with play-doh. I don't know who enjoys the play-doh more, Kenly or her parents. Adam loves to make the play-doh eat Kenly's hand. He screams and makes a huge fuss. Kenly loves all the drama.

Adam loves me to give him play-doh challenges. I told him to make a lemur. After I sang "I Like to Move it Move it" he had a mental image to work from. I must say that he did great. Kenly gets to dismember all of his creations. While that sounds gruesome, she'll all about "knocking it down" these days...Destruction could be her middle name. That's normal, right?
Adam challenged Pops to make a rattle snake. He rose to the challenge and had us all shaking with the end product.
Kenly enjoyed a little Pops time, and from the looks of it, Pops was in hog heaven.


In other news, Kenly went to the dentist for the first time on Monday. I had been telling her for weeks that the dentist was going to count and tickle her teeth. We practiced opening wide and sticking out our tongue. By the time we got ready to go, Kenly was excited to go to the dentist. We went down to Asheville Pediatric Dentistry to meet Dr. Jenny. Here staff was awesome, and Kenly did GREAT. I was expecting a fight and some whining when it came time to clean her teeth, but she shocked everyone with her relaxed demeanor. They cleaned and fluoride varnished her teeth without a single complaint from the patient. They do lap-to-lap exams, and I think that eased a lot of Kenly's anxiety. They did say that Kenly needs to give up the binky soon, and I can't tell you how excited I am to start that process. I hope you can feel the sarcasm in that last statement. I think I'd rather have bamboo shoots shoved under all ten fingernails. Maybe she'll shock me like she did at the dentist...maybe, right?

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Leigh Ann said...

I'll plan my next trip after the binky withdrawal. Good luck on that one!