Friday, April 23, 2010

eggs, easter bunny, and easter frocks

We did dye Easter eggs as a family this year. I'm embarrassed to admit that I didn't let Kenly have a real hands-on experience this year. I was afraid we'd have a back porch that was rainbow colored and teeth that would be blue for Easter Sunday. She was really intrigued by putting the eggs in the dye.

She had fun watching Daddy get creative.
Can you tell which egg Kenly colored. I asked her if she wanted to color an egg. She asked for crayons, and I let her go to town. When she stood up to show me her masterpiece, she used the egg as leverage to get up.
The whole week before Easter we used this candle during dinner. Kenly looked forward to blowing it out after dinner. She loves candles.
On Easter morning, we got Kenly from bed and told her that the Easter bunny hid a basket of presents. We helped her look. Here is is finding her basket. She screamed, "I find it."
Adam helped her unpack her basket. Here favorite gift was a magnetic drawing board that erases. She loves to make it "go away."

She really enjoys the Play-doh she received. She likes to guess that we make out of the Play-doh.
Benny Bunny really likes Play-doh too. He's giving the pink Play-doh a kiss.
After church on Sunday, we took Kenly to the Mills River for an impromptu photo shoot. She loves to throw rocks, and she spent most of the morning throwing rocks off the bridge or into the water while standing by the river's edge.
Nothing in more beautiful than a little girl in her Easter finest.

See if you can find the spa-lash in this picture. Kenly makes the word splash two syllables...I love my little southern gal.
By the time we left the river, her white sandals were muddy and her dress what wet but she had the time her life.

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