Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Duckett House Getaway

Mops and Pops came up to allow Adam and I to run away to celebrate his 34th year on this Earth. Adam had a FLANC conference all day Saturday, so I got to hang out with Mops and Pops a bit.

After Adam got home from the conference, we took off for Hot Springs, North Carolina. We love Hot Springs. In fact, Adam proposed to me in Hot Springs, so it will always be one of those special spots. We have never splurged on a Bed and Breakfast in Hot Springs. Most of the time we camp or stay in rustic cabins. So, I decided we were staying at the Duckett House. We loved the house. It is homey instead of Victorian and elegant. When you walk in your are greeted my the loving, loyal dog and a cat named Monster. The rooms are beautiful, but more country than fancy. After we checked in, we took off to the Magnolia Inn to eat at Martha's. We had a lovely dinner in a room all to ourselves which is a good thing. Adam and I were absolutely giddy--getting away can do that to us. We finished dinner and headed back to the B & B to get ready for our soak in tub #5 at the hot springs. We had an hour long soak in our favorite tub that sits where a creek and a river meet. We headed back to the Duckett House relaxed and ready for bed.

The next morning we got up to and had a few cups of coffee sitting on this porch swing. There is a lovely creek that sings to you as you swing. We had a delicious breakfast served family style in the dining room.
After we finished breakfast, we packed our things and headed home. Just a few short hours recharged us and we were ready to hug our little girl. When we got home, Mops, Pops, and Kenly had gone on a walk-about. We met her at the top of the stairs when she got home. I nearly melted when she bounced and squealed, "EXCITED! Mommy and Daddy home. Yay."

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Janna Y. Barber said...

Beautiful. We leave on Friday for our first trip without kids since Benji was born. So, I should be packing now, right?