Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Beautiful Mess

Adam's birthday was March 16th. I wanted to make him a card he couldn't forget. Enter finger painting. In the past, we have used finger paints to capture Kenly's growing hands and feet, but never have we turned her loose with finger paints. What fun are finger paints when they are all controlled and orderly? So, after Adam left for work, I stripped Kenly down to her diaper and turned her loose with the finger paints. At first she was hesitant. She rubbed the paint into both hands like lotion. Then, with one small stroke of her hand against the paper, she was hooked. She screamed, "EXCITED!" I couldn't keep up with her requests for more paint. She'd say, "More Mommy. More Peeze." After painting the paper became old hat, she decided to paint her body. By the time she was done, she had finger paint from the top of her head to her belly button. When all was said and done, I toted my little work of art to the tub for a scrubbing. We used her masterpiece as a small part of her Daddy's card, and he loved it.

I love that her hands are all blurry in this picture. She's painting her stomach so furiously that she's all a blur.

We used what was left of the finger painted masterpiece to make some Easter cards that might be coming to a mailbox near you.
Who knew I could be so crafty with a little time on my hands?

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