Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March Madness

March has been a great month full of wonderful surprises. I can't believe that April is almost here and that Kenly is closer to 2 than she is to 1. How can I almost be the mother of a 2 year old? Not possible, right?

Kenly and Adam play with blocks on a nightly basis. Adam builds a tower and then Kenly knocks it down. Adam has been teaching her to wait and to ask before she kills the tower. We'd hate for her to have her head knocked off in the nursery because she knocked over someones tower without asking.
Adam builds towers with windows. He and Kenly crawl around on all fours looking at each other through the windows. It is adorable to watch.
While Adam was working on his National Boards, Kenly and I went to Augusta to hang out with Nana and Papa for the weekend. While we were there, we went to a hot air balloon expo. It was good fun, and Kenly nearly lost her mind with excitement. Then she got tired and grumpy and we had to leave the premises quickly before I snatched a knot in her tail.
Kenly wanted to run under the balloon that was being tossed about by wind gusts. Toddlers don't take too kindly to being restrained.
The balloons were tethered. They were doing a dusk show...the fire is so cool at night. This balloon was tied to four cars and people were paying money for a short ride up into the air.

Kenly is really into giving kisses. If she likes/loves something, she wants to kiss it. It is too cute. I frequently hear, "Kiss. Kiss it mommy."
We tried to fix the grumpiness with an apple, but it didn't work. Oh well.
This month we also tried Play-doh. Kenly is a fan, but she wants me to make her things. She doesn't really play with it unattended which is probably good. We would have less play-doh because I'm sure she would try and eat it.
She asks to play with the play-doh by name though.
March has been a good month, full wonder and childhood magic.

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Puanani503 said...

Great pictures! love the build with lego photos!