Monday, February 22, 2010

Off to a Great Start

Monday got off to a GREAT start. Kenly slept in until about 7:30. She woke we up with beautiful singing. I could tell right away that she was singing Frere Jacques because the tune was perfect. I listened closely through the monitor and this is what I heard:

Era Locka
Era Locka
Hiney Moo
Hiney Moo

Can you imagine a better way to start a Monday morning? She has been singing loudly and proudly all week long. While Nana and Papa were up last weekend, she learned to "wink" (or blink rapidly with both eyes). She walks around saying, "I winking."

Nana also sang Isn't He Wonderful? to her quit a bit. We'll be riding down the road and I'll hear her singing Isn't He Wonderful? in a very high pitched soprano. I just have to grin.

Nana and Papa also taught her to say "uh-oh spaghettio." It sound more like "uh-oh skettio." She said it when she dropped a toy the other day, and Adam and I were really confused. Neither one of us use that phrase, so we really thought we had a genius on our hands.

Adam, my wonderful husband, also started Monday off with a surprise that warmed my heart. After rescuing my performing artist from bed, I went to fix a cup of coffee and found this poem on the table. (Adam is an amazing poet)

More powerful than
My morning cup of coffee
My girls lift me up

My bad days vanish
chewed up and digested by
my girls' stair top smiles.

Now tell me, can you top my Monday morning start? Didn't think so.

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