Thursday, February 11, 2010

Because Baths Bring Bliss

While I was on bath duty, I wanted to take a few updated bath pictures. I think taking a bath makes Kenly's Top 10 Things to Do list. She loves bubble baths. She loves when Adam or I blow bubbles while she is taking a bath. She splashes. She squeals. She pours water on her belly. She's even trying to bath herself a little now. These are my favorite from Tuesday night.

I formed her hair into a funky style with her shampoo. I handed her a mirror, and this was her adorable reaction. As Kenly would say, "I lub it!"


Tiff said...


Jennaug10 said...

Makayla is right there with her. She loves baths. I do baths every night, but I love it. Makayla now likes to lay on her tummy in the tub. Always wants to wash her hair and herself.

Jennaug10 said...

She and Makayla are so much a like. Makayla would stay in the tub forever if I let her. She loves to wash herself and her hair. I have to make sure it is washed well though. I do bath time every night, alone, but love it. That will be changing soon though. Troy should be on Day Shift in about 6 months.