Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sniff Test

Adam and I were enjoying a dinner before I ran out to Bible study a few weeks ago. I was giving Adam the daily update so there would be no surprises or questions when I left. In the middle of all of this, Kenly started clamoring to get down from her high chair. She'd eaten well, so she got down to play. We continued our conversation.

Adam: Has she had her reflux medicine?

Me: Yes

Adam: Does she need Tylenol tonight before bed?

Me: No. I think she's feeling a bit better. warned. She's eaten a ton, and she hasn't had a poop all day.

Adam: Great!

About this time, we hear a strained groan coming from the corner. Kenly is in cop-a-squat stance, gripping a chair for support. She is turning purple. Adam says, "I think it might be poop time."

She walks across the kitchen to the baker's rack, resumes the stance, and proceeded to turn beet red.

I say, "I think she's done Daddy, but you should check to see if she was successful before you walk across the house. She's fooled me a few time."

Adam picks her up, sniffs her hiney, and says, "All I smell is blueberry."

In the daily run down I forgot to mention that she had about 30 blueberries with lunch.

I peer in her diaper, and all I see is blue.

It was a two man job that required my assistance even though it was my night off. :)

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