Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New found love for the Princess Chariot

Back in the day, when Kenly was a mere babe, we took her on a hike using her "princess chariot." She pitched a fit, flung her binky in the dirt, and asked to go home. On attempt number two, we tried a different tactic since we're so brilliant and all. We took Kenly on a morning hike and let her walk at her leisure, stopping to pick up rocks, sticks, and leaves. She walked over bridges and up hills, and then she got tired. We put her in the chariot, and she squealed with glee. She LOVED it (and that might be the understatement of the year)! So, when we went on an afternoon hike to High Falls in Dupont State Forest, we tried the same tactic. This time she demanded to ride in her chariot. Forget walking on her own. A princess's shoe should not touch unclean ground.

Can you tell she's having a good time?
Hasn't stopped smiling yet...I think she's grinning because she already wants to break the rules and climb on the dangerous rocks at the top of the waterfall. Yikes.

Look Dada, there's a waterfall over there.
Ooooohhhh! It's so pretty.

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