Monday, December 14, 2009


Sometimes my heart almost bursts with pride. I took Kenly to a Christmas party on Sunday afternoon. While we were there, Kenly was at her finest. She showed off her vocabulary. She walked and ran. She twirled and kicked a ball. She was gentle with the other children. She didn't throw a tantrum. She looked adorable in her Christmas dress despite her lack of shoes. She saves her tantrums for home (most of the time), and we pick our battles around this house. Thank you very much.

While we were there, Kenly tossed around a few appropriately timed pleases and thank yous. My friends said she was so sweet. They said she was so pretty. They said she was so smart. But, the compliment that made my heart burst was when they said she was so polite.

Oh, please God, always help her to be polite.

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