Monday, December 14, 2009

Mistaken Identity

Today Kenly and I ran our last Christmas errand. I can't say I'm sad to have crossed everything off my list. Kenly has been a great shopping buddy. While we were out and about this morning, I went to the allergist office to get my weekly allergy injection. In the spirit of the season, they put up a beautiful Christmas tree with bright red glass ball and golden bead garland. You can imagine how fascinated Kenly was with this brilliant spectacle. At first she was concerned.

Kenly: (Looking for the firetruck she normally plays with) Truck?
Mama: The truck must have been put up to make room for the tree. Isn't it pretty?
Kenly: (with genuine concern) Truck?
Mama: It is not here sweetheart. Would you like to look at the pretty tree instead?
Kenly: (noticing the tree) Ooooohhh!
Mama: Remember. We use one finger. Be gentle.
Kenly: (touching a red ornament with attempted gentleness) Apple.
Mama: (laughing) No baby. Those are balls.
Kenly: (with conviction) No. Apple.
Mama: Whatever you say.

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