Thursday, December 10, 2009

Smarty Pants

Kenly amazes me EVERY day. I can't believe how fast she is learning new words. Believe it or not, we got these flashcards out for the first time yesterday, and I promise I didn't quiz her all day yesterday. She knew about 12 of the 36 cards already. I was flabbergasted. If you want to know why she sounds like she's clearing her throat at one point, it is because I just showed her a pig card. She makes a pretty realistic pig noise when she gets it "just right."


Anonymous said...

Very impressive. When will she be taking the SAT's :-)

From Paula

Leigh Ann said...

you may not have to grade papers or prepare lessons but you're still (and always will be) a teacher! And a wonderful one to boot! She's fabulous and I can't wait to hug you both in February!!