Thursday, October 8, 2009

Aunt Nonie

Adam came home from work yesterday and gave me some sad news. Aunt Nonie passed away in her sleep last night. For awhile she's been struggling with COPD and cancer, diseases that really cramped the way Nonie liked to live. Ever since I've know her, Nonie has been one of those carpe diem sort of women. You know, a take life and live it kind of gal. Nonie was not a person who sat around and thought, I wish I had ________. I'm sad that Kenly won't remember Nonie personally, but I'm relieved that Nonie left peacefully and without months of struggle. I'm glad she left this world with her independence and dignity firmly intact.

When I think of Nonie my mind swims with stories and details. Some stories I witnesses first hand, others are tidbits handed down. So, when I think of Nonie....

...I think of a young woman begging my husband (as a toddler) to let her change his diaper.

...I think of an adventurous, world traveling wonder. She could go out wearing a T-shirt that reads, Been there, done that. But she wouldn't because she's far too classy for such a shirt.

...a well dressed, well read, well spoken woman.

...a fierce Democrat who volunteered and supported causes near and dear to her heart.

...a picture taker and picture lover.

...the best stewardess an airline could hope to hire.

...a woman who loved her family and adored her nephews and those who married them.

...a generous person. For our wedding, Nonie gave us our silverware and an eight piece setting of our dishes. When she saw the little cups and little bowls the set came with, she got on line and ordered bigger cups and bigger bowls because the others just wouldn't do.

...of the furniture in our house. Without Nonie's generous gift of furniture, we'd have a nearly empty house.

...a woman who'd win a new game and retire as permanent champion.

...a lover of fine food and wine. She knew how to treat her family to some fine food.

All in all, when I think of Nonie, I think of a loving, generous woman who spoke her mind and told it like it was. When I think of Nonie, I think of a woman whose absence will create a hole in the Brand/Satterfield family.

Bye Aunt Nonie! You'll be missed.

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