Saturday, August 22, 2009

Top 10 Reasons...

...why Adam going back to work is hard.

10. When I wake up in the morning, I have make breakfast for Kenly and myself. When Adam was home, I had to do one or the other. I miss conversation about dreams and other nonsense over breakfast.

9. Adam and Kenly play so well together. They love to have tickle wars, and I miss the constant laughter.

8. Adam made me get out of the house. I have plans to this fall and winter. I've signed up for Toddler Fun at the YMCA, for MOPS at Biltmore Baptist, and for reading hour at the Hendersonville Public Library. But, we have to wait for Labor Day until all that fun kicks off.

7. Naps are not near as fun without my bed buddy.

6. Kenly now believes that I'm largely responsible for her entertainment these days. If I try and talk on the phone, she tries to bite me or she screams inconsolably until I get off the phone. Then she ignores me.

5. I don't have my sidekick to help me decide how to handle Kenly's misbehavior. I don't have my sidekick to help me translate her baby speak. I don't have my sidekick to help me figure out what the heck she's pointing at.

4. It gets a little lonely.

3. I don't have Adam with me while we watch a few minutes of Blue's Clues or Disney's Playhouse. What fun is watching a children's program if you don't have an adult with you to make fun of all the ridiculous antics in said programming?

2. I miss being able to sneak away to breathe for a second.


1. I can no longer pee or poop without an audience.

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Anonymous said...

I am loving your posts!! Your number one is and will forever will be my number 1. Hope to catch up with you next week. ~Meghan