Saturday, August 22, 2009

Fetch and Jealousy

Today Adam is gone for the whole day even though it is Saturday because he went to see Kavitha get married in Nashville, TN. Kenly only took an hour long morning nap because a carrot orange poo decided to disrupt her slumber. So, I wanted to wear her out before her afternoon nap. We played fetch. I know it sounds horrible, but she loves to chase the ball when I throw it. She brings it back faster and better than Chance ever has, and it makes her happy.

Playing fetch with my daughter isn't wrong, right? On occasion she gets tired of fetching the ball, and she'll give me her angry/disgusted face. I love this face. I want to kiss her mad little face so that she'll be happy again. So...check it out. Oh...and don't say a word about the mess in my house.

Have I mentioned that Chance is a jealous dog? Do you think he wants some time in the spotlight?

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