Saturday, August 22, 2009

Stress Management

Another friendly suggestion all the rheumatoid arthritis books keep making is to keep stress to a minimum. It appear that stress heightens the immune system, and since my immune system is already in confused hyper-drive, stress is bad. Really?
So, I'm supposed to keep my life stress free. I'm supposed to sit in repose like Rafiki in The Lion King allowing stress to slip from my system. Really?

Do doctors have any idea what it is like keeping up with a mobile 12 month old? On a daily basis I'm two steps behind my daughter as she races through the house a mach spreed. Nothing says constant stress--good and bad--like...

...keeping your daughter from splashing in a germ infested toilet.
... keeping her from drinking from the dogs water bowl or from chewing on the dog's toys because, lets face it, she doesn't have near enough teething toys of her own.
...preventing brain damage or severe facial disfiguration as she runs past the sharp edges of the hearth or as she tries to climb, unassisted, into a slippery bath tub.
...convincing Kenly that vegetables really are good for her. Green beans are not kryptonite designed to sap her energy.
...reading Where is Mommy? for the 20th time.
...smelling my own stench because I haven't had a spare moment to shower.
...consoling a screaming baby who thinks life is horrible due to an ear infection and diaper rash brought on by an antibiotic.
...being totally responsible for the physical, mental, spiritual, and moral development of my precious gift from God.
...trying to accomplish any housework when my adorable, polite daughter brings every book from her room saying, "wee peas." For those of you not fluent in baby speak, that is read please.
...keeping other relationships healthy while juggling the demands of motherhood.

Stress free is the way to be. Maybe in another 25 years, but for now, I'll have to manage my stress. Perhaps yoga is the way to go. Can't you just picture me sitting like Rafiki? What will I say? Instead of "Correction. I know your fadder", I could say, "Correction. I think that smell is poo."

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Janna Barber said...

I LOVE Yoga! And I bet you would too.