Tuesday, August 25, 2009

One Year Check-up

Kenly went to the doctor yesterday for her one year check-up. Dr. Dephouse said that she's growing great. He looked in her ears again, and it appears that her ear infection is on the mend. I hope my child will not remember the trauma that ensued when the nurse returned with all those shots. Poor Kenly got five, count them, FIVE separate sticks yesterday. They started with the finger prick for the hemoglobin/lead test. She didn't even cry. The only mildly fussed when the nurse kept kneading her finger to make her bleed more. She was more annoyed that her hand was trapped than anything. The was very intrigued by the Bugs Bunny band aid the nurse put on her finger.

Then...oh my heart hurts to even remember. Before she could even breathe easy, the nurse was cleaning both legs with cold alcohol. She had four sticks--two on each leg. The nurse gave the first shot, and Kenly screamed and then started holding her breath. She didn't breathe or wail again until the third stick. She was totally purple. The poor girl cried until I let her get up and touch the letter D on the wall. She was such a trooper. She was braver than Mommy. So, we left the doctor yesterday with FIVE Bugs Bunny band aids. She looked like the walking wounded.

Her stats were good.

Weight--19lbs 15 ounces--She almost weighs enough to move to her big girl car seat. She's in the 25% for weight.

Height--She's a whopping 29 inches tall. She's in the 49% for height.

Head Circumference--Her head is 18.5 inches. She's still in the 90th% for head size. What can I say, she's just too smart for her own good.

Today she's been fussy, but I would be too. She wants me to carry her everywhere because her legs hurt. We watched 10 VeggieTales Silly Song videos this morning. We read about 20 books, and well, we just chilled. Now she's sleeping....I hope for about 2 hours.

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