Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cake, Presents, and Ribbons...Oh My

Adam and I had a good time making Kenly's birthday cake. She had yellow cake that had confetti sprinkles mixed in to create a colorful, speckled, delightfully fun look. We used cream cheese icing that we dyed pink. The centerpiece was my Nannie's tiara from being Queen of Georgia War Veteran's Nursing Home. We used cookie icing to create a border and to write her name. Adam is largely responsible for the beautiful decorating job. It was like Nannie was smiling down on us. I know she giggled seeing her tiara on Kenly's first birthday cake. I can just hear her say, "Princess, you did good."
We turned the kitchen into a princess palace while Kenly napped. She was thrilled with all the streamers and balloons. It cracked me up to hear her try and say balloon.
Cake is so yummy. She had a taste of the cake the night before her birthday day. We hadn't put icing on it yet, and she kept saying yum. She kept coming back for more. The morning of her birthday she walked to where the cake had been, pointed, and said, "yum." Her memory is far too good.

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