Thursday, August 13, 2009

Party Dresses and Wrapping Paper

Here's the gang...10 people, 2 dogs, and a baby in a house with only 2 bathrooms. Good times. We did have the guest house--otherwise known as the pop up and the man cave to employ, so amazingly, we didn't get in each other's business.

From left to right:
Paula, Karen(Mops), Adam, Me, Sally(Nana), Jason, Ken(Papa) and Kenly, Max(Pops), Carrie, and Travis. We enjoyed our visit with our wonderful blended family. And despite how it looks, I'm not pregnant, so please don't ask. A year later, and I still have baby fat.
Kenly had mixed feelings about this dog that Mops and Pops gave her. She was fascinated, but a little afraid. I haven't seen her sit that still in 4 months. The dog sings a Shania Twain song, dances, and flaps its ears. Adam and I just love singing this song. Everyone laughed so hard at her reaction that they almost wet themselves.
We have to have one more cake shot.
Mops and Pops got Kenly this cute little chair. We tried to get her to open her presents while sitting in the chair, but what fun is that? Once she opened one present, I had to open the rest. Can you tell the girl racked up? Look at the mound of presents behind her. The adorable party dress was a hand-me-down from Chantel in Maryland. Kenly looked like a million bucks in this little frock. Thank you Nana and Papa for ironing the dress....all those ruffles.
Eating cake is a messy job. You have to save some for later.
Kenly ended her birthday with a splash in the creek and a nice warm bath. The Princess is one. We're dealing with "too much birthday" syndrome, but we're also getting four teeth. So, the party is over, and reality is back in town for us all. But, I love reality....I really do. There is no other place I'd rather be.

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