Sunday, August 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Little-bit.

A year ago today you came into our lives and made our family complete. Mama and Daddy love you madly and we can't imagine life without your giggles and your sense of adventure. Thank you for blessing our lives.

At this moment, you love....
...any fruit and you resist most vegetables.
...hummus and cheese. We love to laugh at your baby garlic breath.
...walking around the house exploring the many wonderful treasures. swim or splash in any water, including the dog bowl. Baths make you squeal with glee. read books. You'd let us read you 20 books before bed, but we try and limit you to six. try and say new words. Your favorites right now are dog, puppy, 'ite (for light), cookie, mama, dada, nana, papa, baba (bottle). You also say things that sound like more and again.
...your Benny Bunny and your binky. You want both for naps and for night time sleep. On really bad days you need Benny to explore with you.
...Ritz crackers and peanut butter. mooch off of anything Mama and Daddy are eating. be tickled and to hide/run from the tickle monster. point at everything to learn the names of all the cool things you see. be outside. When I brought you inside from getting the mail yesterday, you cried.
...being pushed in your stroller on a sunshiny day. laugh. You have the most adorable fake laugh that makes us crack up every time you use it.
...your Daddy. You can't stand for him to be out of sight.
...your Mama. She's your north star.

You hate...
...having to be dried off after your bath.
...being told no. bows. have your face and hands cleaned off after eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
...when I interrupt your play/exploration in order to dress or do some other boring "daily" task.

You are our dream come true. We can't wait to explore our way through a whole new year with you.

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