Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Water Baby Meets Boat

To say that Kenly loves the water would be the understatement of the year. She's play in the tub for hours. She'll stay in a pool, lips shivering and turning blue. So, in Maryland I knew she needed to get out on a boat. We didn't stay out long, but she seemed to enjoy the ride as long as she was in someone's lap. The life jacket, on the other hand, was not her favorite thing in the world.

Although the life jacket is cute, it is majorly bulky. Kenly hates it because she couldn't move her arms well. This was taken just before we hopped in the boat to take a ride on the Little Magothy.
She wasn't quite sure about the noise, but she liked the wind in her hair and the wake the boat created. You can almost see her pointing in this picture.

Adam jumped in the water to take a ride on a surfboard behind the boat. Kenly didn't take an easy breath until she could see her daddy again. She waved and blew kisses, and got all nervous every time he got out of sight. Aunt Paula kept her comforted so I could take some pictures of Adam having fun.
Adam had fun being pulled...he tried to surf, but opted for a safer position to avoid injuring the knee. What a smart man I married.

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