Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Trip Planning and Food

Who in their right mind plans their trips around food? We do of course. In fact, it is something of a Brand family tradition. In the dead of winter Adam asked me where I wanted to be for the 4th of July. I answered without hesitation--Maryland. I only spent two 4ths in Maryland, but I loved them both. We called and "begged" for a free room at Jason and Paula's place, and it was decided. So, as the trip came closer, Adam asked me what I wanted to do. I asked him the same question. Overwhelmingly, our answers revolved around food. Maryland culinary delights to be exact. So, in honor of the 10+ pounds I gained on this trip...

Adam, Jason, and Derek managed to devour their breakfast sandwiches before I had time to capture the yummy deliciousness. We didn't get them from Bay Dale's, but Adam and Paula cooked a nearly perfect substitute.
What would a trip to Maryland be with out taking time to pick some blue crabs? This is the perfect picture of a crab picking table.
Nobody every said picking crabs was easy, but the mess and the trouble is worth it.
And what would a trip to Maryland be without a bowl of cream of crab soup at Cantler's? Add some mussels to the mix, and well, you add a few more pounds to my waist line.
Don't forget Gino's cheese steaks....oh, and boardwalk fries. Yum!

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John said...

Next time you're in Maryland, you should give Doug a call and hook up with him and his three kids.