Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Friends and New Adventures

Our time in Maryland was full of new adventures and new faces for Kenly. Every day came with something new. Our child has never napped well, and on this trip she took monster naps. Walking, new people, and tons of fun appear to wear an 11 month old out.

Kenly loves for Adam to toss her into the air. She giggles, squeals, and begs for more.
During our time in Maryland, we were able to visit Hope. Adam and I worked with Hope at Northeast. She cooked us an amazing lunch and dessert. She also kept Kenly entertained with the piano.
Every morning we woke up and walked to a cool playground just down the street from Jason and Paula's house. We would swing, slide, walk on the beach, play in the sand, pick "flowers", and watch birds. We all had fun pushing Kenly in the swing. Our friends Rob and Bethany even sent us home with a baby swing that we'll try and mount in the basement so that the fun can continue.
Seth, Erica, and Maggie (their adorable 19 month old daughter) came to visit one evening. We had an amazing sushi dinner, and then we let the kiddos play. Maggie loved exploring Chance's pop-up kennel. She thought it was a cool fort. Kenly loved watching Maggie. It was fun to see what Kenly could be doing in just a few months. Maggie had us all rolling when she would dance and say, "Get down....Shake your bootie." She also amazed us by saying, "Take it easy man." O
Kenly and I also went to downtown Baltimore to visit Jen, Troy, and Makayla. We had lunch at Johnny Rockets and then walked around the harbor. These two girls liked reaching out and touching each other as they ate their meals.

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