Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Target, Tags, Toys, and War Wounds

I forgot one more funny story when I was blogging yesterday. Kenly and I went to Target on Monday because she was all out of formula. As you walk in our Target, there is a bargain bin full of $1-$2 dollar treasures. As I was browsing, I saw cute bath puffs in the shape of animals. Because I'm a fair mom, and I never want to impose my wishes on my child, I gave Kenly a choice; she could have the frog or the duck. She picked the duck, and we were on our way. I browsed through the store paying little attention to Kenly entertaining herself with her duckie bath puff. About 3/4 of the way through the store, I looked down and the scan tag that was once firmly attached to the puff was now MIA. I immediately swept Kenly's mouth and found the soggy cardboard remains of the tag. She threw a fit when I removed the mess from her mouth. Her face and hands were speckled blue, white, and gold from something on the tag. I sheepishly walked to the check out, and told the cashier that the puff was $2.50. I said could produce the tag, but since my child ate it, I would advise against touching what I managed to salvage. She smiled like my situation was perfectly normal and we went on our way.

Nana and Papa got Kenly this cute little outfit. She is sweet, and lovable too.
Here is the war wound picture I promised to post. You can't see the swelling in this picture, but you can see the cut and the coming bruise.
Nana and Papa also got Kenly this push toy from the consignment shop we explored. She loves it. She'll take 10-12 steps behind it, freak out, and then push the toy from the safety of her knees. She loves all the gadgets on the front of the toy. She pinned herself under the toy yesterday, but just laid perfectly still until I rescued her. She didn't even whine.

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Jennaug10 said...

That is too funny. My parents bought Makayla the same exact outfit. Gotta love the grandparents! Also I was reading your blog about Me time, we as Mom's always have to take some time out for ourselves if we don't we will go nuts. If I lived closer to you I would drag your butt out at least once a week! :o)