Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Story Time

Kenly has been a mover and a shaker in the past few weeks. I wanted to share a few stories that I think should be recorded forever.

Kenly stayed in nursery again on Sunday. I was so proud of her. They said she freak out when I left, but as soon as they handed her Benny Bunny (her comfort object), she settled down. She carried him from one side of the nursery to the other. When I came to pick her up, the nursery worker met me at the door saying, "She's a hoot. She has quite the little personality, doesn't she?" I agreed with the lady without hesitating. I hope she was seeing most of Kenly's good traits that morning and not the bad. I'll trust that personality is positive. At least she didn't say, "That one's a hand full, isn't she?" As I went to get Kenly, she was sitting on the floor next to a little girl named Kaylee. I stood back and observed Kenly feed Kaylee two puffs. It was so sweet. Kenly loves her puffs, so to watch her share, especially since she hasn't had much exposure to other children was a real joy to my heart.

On Saturday she took her first real tumble and whacked her head. She got a goose egg on her head as well as a scratch. I'll post some pictures of her war wound later.

While Daddy and Mama were up visiting (and delivering Pop Secret--our new 15-year-old pop up camper), Kenly learned to wave bye bye and to give high fives. She's so funny. She waves all the time now. You'd think she was Miss America.

One of the cutest things she does right now involves me telling her no. When I tell her no or don't touch, she'll wave bye bye. I think she wants me to go bye bye so she can go about her business. When I tell her no, she'll also stop and shake her head no. She is a hoot.

She's also trouble on wheels. The other day, she unplugged the computer on Adam while he was checking his email. He'd already told her to leave the cord alone at least four times. I guess persistence is a good trait once it is redirected for the millionth time to appropriate channels.

We also have a little heel biter on our hands. Adam was on the nursery floor, minding his own business, when Kenly crawled up and bit his heel. It was a completely unprovoked "crawl by."

Here are a few Not Me Monday stories on me and on Adam. After all, I can't tell all the embarrassing stuff on myself. First, I hit an all new low in motherhood last week in Food Lion. I did not have to take my daughter into the Food Lion bathroom to do my business. I did not have to hold her on my lap and entertain her with the toilet paper roll while I worked everything out. Nope not me. A good mother would have found a much more sanitary means to entertain her daughter.

Finally, Adam did not lose so much sleep the other night that he nearly peed in his fishing waders. Nope. Not him. You see, Adam almost always fishes in a bathing suit, but since his knee surgery, he's had to use his waders for balance and traction. He did not stand in the river, in a sleep deprived fog, and well...almost defile himself with urine. Nope...my husband functions much better than that on four hours sleep.

Here are a few adorable pictures of our princess. I love the concentration in the first picture and the joy of bath time in the second.

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Jennaug10 said...

We have a biter here also. Makayla bit Troy on the shoulder the other day she knew what she did and started to cry. She also likes to pinch my hand while I am rocking her, boy do those tiny fingers hurt. Makayla waves bye to everyone! It is so cute! That is too funny that Kenly waves bye when you tell her no. that is priceless!