Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Daddy's Little Helper/Pal

Kenly loves it when her Daddy tosses her in the air. She has enough hair now that you can actually see a little curl blowing in the wind. Look out hair bows....here we come. At first I fought letting Kenly ingest sand. Who lets their child eat sand? Um....me. I didn't let her eat handfuls, but she had fun licking it off her hands and face. Think of it as a colon cleanser, a teething agent, or a yummy God-created snack. She loved the salty flavor of the sand and the water. So many of our pictures included her little tongue.But, if she had to choose, Kenly would pick chocolate ice cream over sand any day. That's my girl.
She's such a big girl now that she's our official key holder and sous chef.
Kenly liked to help Daddy "build" things in the sand if you define build as squashing any structure flatter than a pancake. Adam made up whole dialogues about the sand monster coming to destroy the village. He would frantically build while screaming refortify. I could barely film or take pictures for laughing.

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