Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More Hilton Head

Kenly discovered an all new favorite game that involved complicating Boccie for Mop, Adam, and me. One of us would toss the white ball to mark the target, and Kenly would take off across the sand after it. Each of us are supposed to throw two balls to try and touch the white ball. That's hard to do if your ten month old is hogging the ball. So, as you can see, we tried to get as close to the baby as humanly possible so she could maintain her own private celebration. Kenly loved the dump truck from her sand toy kit. It was her favorite of everything. Her second favorite toy was her purple bucket.
Kenly was a little grumpy when we tried to take a family picture, so we did the best we could.
One day we went to Harbor Town to kill some time between naps, and we spent most of our time playing on the really cool playground we discovered while there. We ate ice cream, looked at the lighthouse and all the big boats, and got off the beaten path to see some of the coolest houses we've ever spied with our little eyes.
Kenly is in kiss blowing mode in this picture. She's mid-kiss in this shot. If I ask her nicely, she'll wave bye bye to the pool or the ocean. She'll even blow the pool a kiss. She a kiss blowing fiend these days. She also loved "kissing the baby." She's crawl up to the mirrored closet and lean in to lick/kiss her own reflection. Hours of entertainment with zero prep or effort....you have to love mirrors.

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