Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Eat your heart out Sports Illustrated...

Can't you just see those fat rolls on the next cover of Sports Illustrated? Oh...if only life was so fair. I love her reflection in the sand. The sand creature in action.
Playing in a tide pool is very fun. We saw three hermit crabs and a very frisky sand crab who kept tickling my feet.
Kenly is frequently standing up with no hands these days. She will be walking any day now. She took a few steps in Hilton Head, but we think she freaked herself out too much for those to really count.
Mops is an excellent reader, sing, baby feeder, poopy diaper changer, and all around swell playmate.

Speaking of poopy diapers....changing one these days is a real adventure. Solid food and poop=a magic trick. You never know what you'll find or what color it will be. You also have the added adventure of trying to keep Kenly from doing back flips while you keep her on the changing table and try and wipe her slimy rear or while you chase....well, maybe that's just too much information.

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