Monday, February 2, 2009

Snow day

Kenly snuggling up to Daddy in her pink snow suit. She was so bundled that she could hardly move. This is Kenly Shae's first snow angel. She had a little help of course, but isn't her angel cute?
Kenly and Daddy on the first sled ride. Chance thinks we are crazy to sled, and he tries to rescue us every time. He's looking out for his little sister in this shot.

Kenly is making her snow angel in this shot with some help from me.
Here's the whole family on the snow day. It was great to have Nana and Papa here to help us capture it all.

Kenly had her first real snow day on January 19th. She hated her snow suit and screamed bloody murder the whole time Nana and I were trying to put it on her. Once she got outside she turned into a much happier baby. She went on her first sled ride with her Daddy, and she made her first snow angel with her Mama. It was so much fun to envision what future snow days will hold. We couldn't keep her outside for long because the wind was blowing about 20 miles/hour making the wind chill feel like 2 degrees. Even all bundled up, she still got a little chilly. Adam made a fire, so she had a nice place to go warm up once she got inside.

Nana and Papa watched Kenly for about an hour while Adam and I went sledding on our street. It was a blast. Adam has to ride with me because I really can't steer very well, and when your sled is going 15 MPH, it is a good idea to be able to steer. Our fun came to a crashing halt when the snow plow came, but it was good fun until then.

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Shauna said...

oh, so much fun! I love that picture of the four of you! you all look so happy =)