Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I'm telling Nanie

We drove up to Hot Springs to make sure we could find the snow. We found some, and had a blast playing in it. Here is Mama's snowman... not only is he cute, but he's also friendly to hungry wildlife as well.
Mama is having fun playing; you can tell by the smile on her face.
Look out Adam. She going to cream you.
Papa and I tried to stay out of most of the cross fire. When you're holding a baby, people tend to avoid throwing snowballs at you.

When Mama and Daddy were up to visit, we had some snow. Mama always tells a story about when she was a little girl...this is the story.

As a little girl, I would stand at the big picture window with my nose pressed against the glass watching Linda and Faye sled and make snowmen. I always wanted to play in the snow but my Mama (Nanie to me) wouldn't let me. I always knew that when I was grown up and on my own I would play in the snow.

Since Georgia doesn't get an overwhelming amount of snow, she played in the snow up here. She made a miniature snowman. She creamed Adam with a huge snowball. She had a snowball fight with Adam and Daddy (I was feeding the baby in a warm car). She stood under a tree and pulled a limb so the snow would fall down on her. And she did it all WITHOUT a hat on...I can hear Nannie in heaven now. Mama, I'm telling Nanie....only that you had the time of your life and lived to tell. Thanks for always letting us play in the snow. Daddy, thanks for helping us with the big parts of the snowmen.

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