Wednesday, January 28, 2009

WinterFest 2009

Last March, Adam asked for a total of four surprises for his 32nd birthday. I had to make plans, and surprise him. So, for surprise number three, I embarked on taking him, the dog, and Kenly Shae on a road trip to Blowing Rock, NC for Winterfest. How hard can it be to take a road trip? The easiest part was planning. Don't get me wrong. We had a good time, but traveling with a child and a dog can make for a few interesting stories.

Friday afternoon Adam signed out early so that we could get to Blowing Rock by dark. He had no idea where he was going or what he was going to do. So, I had us mostly packed by the time he got home. We loaded the car, and had a peaceful drive, complete with a sleeping baby. We got to Blowing Rock, unload the piles of "stuff" you need to survive with a child and dog, and realized we were starving. There was a bonfire in the park, complete with Smores, but we needed real food. We searched high and low for a place called PJ's Almost Famous Cheeseburgers Grille, but we could never find it. So, we decided to have a picnic in our tiny hotel room. We went to a gas station and purchased fancy deli sandwiches, cheese, olives, and crackers. We had a blast just hanging out and eating our gas station grub. We were so tired that we put the baby to bed and went to sleep at 8:00. We thought we'd get a peaceful night's sleep, but no...Kenly cried all night. We probably got 2 good hours of sleep. She was sleeping ON me during those hours. There is no where to hide in a hotel room. Adam, the dog, and I all suffered through that sleepless night. The dog was so out of sorts the next day that he had an upset stomach all morning. We had two babies to care for. After a restless night, Kenly decided that she wanted to rise and shine at 6:30 AM. We ate a pound cake for breakfast because nothing was open. We embarked on our day full of events tired and out of sorts. Did I mention there were tons of people at this event? People everywhere...I never really knew that crowds and sleep deprivation didn't go together until this weekend. We ate a second breakfast at Sonny's and headed to the Polar Plunge where people willingly threw themselves into a frozen lake. A crew had to break the ice before they could jump in...all in the name of charity and worthy causes of course. Kenly fell asleep after that, so we walked around Blowing Rock in the freezing cold to keep from waking her up. Then it was time for the Chili Cookoff. I willingly bought my husband tickets to an event where he could sample 51 different kinds. What was I thinking? The place was so crowded and there really was not rhyme or reason to how the crowd was coursing though the space to get chili. I left Adam feasting to go feed the baby. I had no idea how long a chili tasting could last. We took a short nap, and then went to see the ice sculpture and take a hay ride though town. Needless to say, we didn't make it to the bonfire again. We fell into bed. Kenly slept a tad bit better, but not tons. She decided we'd get up a 6:00AM, so when Adam asked what we wanted to do for the day, I voted for going home. We were back in Hendersonville, smiling but a little scathed from our first road trip experience with child, by 11:30. I'm not afraid to do it again, but I'm not signing up for a trip this weekend either.

Kenly and Mommy bundled up on the hay ride through town. Not the coolest hay ride, but a hay ride nonetheless.
I wonder if my tongue will stick?
Adam took this shot, and I think it is so beautiful. This was one of the sculptures...believe it or not, it was past its prime.

The frozen lake people jumped into.
Here are a few of the brave souls...they all wore costumes too, so it was really funny. The oldest participants were in their 80s.

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