Wednesday, February 25, 2009


When I was pregnant, Papa bought this outfit for "Peanut." At the time we didn't know if Peanut was a boy or a girl. I think, as did Papa, that brown is a gender neutral color. Kenly loves Chance, and this little outfit has dogs on it. She looks too cute. I wish I could plop a red or white bow in her hair to dispel any confusion, but she doesn't have quite enough hair yet. She's been a little sickly the past few days with a head cold. Her nose is still a little stuffy, and you can see the effects in her puffy little eyes. This is not a good picture, but I couldn't help showing off how she flirts with herself in the mirror.

You have to love teething. In this picture she is using her tongue to "scratch" her gums and to explore her two new teeth. Adam says it looks like she is packing dip into her lip.

Even though she doesn't feel well, she still gives her Mama great big smiles.
Who is that baby in the mirror?

I just have to report that Kenly slept from 7PM-6:30AM without making a peep. I think she might have made it to 7AM, but Adam and I just had to sneak in and take a look at our sleeping beauty. She was on her tummy at the foot of the bed. She had her bunny and her blanket snuggled, and she looked so comfortable. I couldn't believe how well she slept. I'd like so say that feeding her solids helped, but she refused almost every solid meal yesterday. Fluke or new pattern....who knows?

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Jennaug10 said...

Yeah, for a good nights sleep! The solids do help. Makayla has slept from 8:00-7:15 the last 5 days, she would stir a bit and night and fuss, but then put herself back to sleep! Isn't it nice?