Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Food and Fingerpaint

Kenly was laughing at her Daddy in this picture. She had just finished a healthy helping of rice cereal and squash. We stripped Kenly down so that we could finger paint in the living room. I wanted her footprint or handprint on some of the thank you notes that I needed to write; we decided that a footprint was better. She might think the paint was food if she could see it. She can get her feet in her mouth now, but it was easier to keep her feet out of her mouth than her hands.

This picture was taken just after a successful prune and rice cereal feeding. By the look on her face, she liked it. At first though, she'd spit it all out. She slowly warmed to the tasted and ate it all gone.

She likes to think she's feeding herself, but in reality, the spoon is a handy prop to get her to open wide so I can shovel food into her mouth.

Kenly loves squash and rice cereal. She has it up her nose in this picture and all in her right eyebrow. I feel like she should have a bath after every meal.

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Tiff said...

I thought that was Chance's job! (To clean the food off the baby's face) ^_^