Wednesday, January 28, 2009

MLK Christmas

In Kenly's mind, the best thing about Christmas is all the kisses you get from your family. She was extra glad that we had three Christmas celebrations this year. What more could a baby ask for? Uncle Travis and Aunt Carrie are reading Kenly a cool book that she got for Christmas. It is called What Makes a Rainbow?. Each page adds a new ribbon until a full ribbon rainbow appears on the last page. Kenly will surely destroy it right now with her urge to grab anything that catches her eye, so we're saving it for sleepy times and for when she's a just a little bit older.

Papa got just what he wanted for Christmas...Kenly Shae. Actually this huge bag was a present from Uncle Travis, Aunt Carrie, Timber, and Mason. Papa wanted to see what she'd do down in the bag. She was delighted. Bows, tissue paper, boxes, and wrapping paper all thrilled her.
Part of our Christmas festivities included a trip to the bowling alley. I only got to bowl one game because for the second time in my life I left the house without a bottle. Sure, I had formula and rice cereal, but NOTHING to put them in. I even set everything on the counter so that I would not forget. I had to drive home and drive back in order to feed the baby. I think motherhood is killing brain cells.

Nana and Papa had a great time feeding Kenly. They helped introduce Kenly to her first fruit--PEARS. We knew she didn't have an allergy to pear juice because she's been drinking it for over a month, so we thought pears would be a safe place to start. Nana, Papa, and Aunt Carrie had great success with the feedings. I give them the credit for getting her to eat solid food. She looked like a giant food geyser every time I fed her.
The Burkett family Christmas was great. We had everyone up to our house. We filled our time with good food, fires, UNO tournaments, bowling, and a few random games of Apples to Apples. We were blessed to have Timber and Mason with us too. Chance was so happy to have his cousins up for a visit. It even snowed on Monday, so Daddy and Mama got to play in the white stuff with us for awhile. Carrie and Travis had to leave just a little too early. I'm so blessed by my family. God knew just what he was doing. The only slight downer to the whole weekend was Kenly's inability to sleep through the night. Isn't it evil when your child learns to sleep through the night and then regresses back to her sleep patterns from when she was two months old? I've been getting up with her at least 3 or 4 times a night for the past three weeks. She seems to think that we should get up at 4:00 AM. I keep telling her that nothing human or holy gets up at that hour, but we continue to have a battle of wills. Who will win? I'll keep you posted.


Jennaug10 said...

Hey Rhonda, you aren't alone in the regression of sleep. Makayla has done that for about three weeks, she just started getting back to sleeping ok now. I think it is partly because she was still hungry before bed and discovering new things like crawling really well and starting to try to walk. They say their little bodies don't want to stop trying their new found fun of new milestones. It will get better, that is what I keep telling myself anyway!

Leigh Ann said...

If I know you, and I do, I'd say that kid is pushing her luck waking up so early...haha...jk! maybe I should adopt at an age when they sleep at least till 8..I'll pray she progresses to a better and more stable sleep pattern..hang in there!