Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Grandma bought Kenly this cute outfit for Christmas. We wore it on Thanksgiving because she's was about to outgrow it. This is the outfit she wore when she sat on Santa's lap, so you can imagine how cute she looked. Nana and Papa introduced Kenly to the train in the village. She loved watching it zoom by.

Kenly now like to snuggle a teddy bear or a lovey when she gets the chance. She's about to move in for the nuzzle in this picture.

The bib says it all. She watched every bite we took. I think she's ready to start solids, but we'll wait an ask the doctor next Tuesday when we go to get our dreaded second round of shots.

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Shannon said...

Rhonda, she is simply divine!! Ms. Kenly hit the genetic jackpot :)