Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Quest for Poop

Never in all of my years did I think I would stress so much about poop. Is this poop normal? When will she ever poop? Oh my gosh...look at that poop. When did I become so gross? So, in honor of poop, a few stories.

On Halloween Kenly, Adam, and I all went down to the park at the base of our neighborhood to hand out candy. Kids can't go trick-or-treating in our neighborhood because it is too hilly. So, we make a party out of it in the park...kinda like a trunk-or-treat. Kenly dressed in her pumpkin onesie and a pair of jeans. She looked so cute that no one would have ever suspected the "trick" in her pants. It was so massive that it blew down both legs and up her back. So, I was getting a bath ready to clean her up properly when Adam created a song. He's always singing and making up new words to old tunes. So, sing this in your head to the tune of "Monster Mash."

Down in the park on my first Halloween
I filled my pants with something sticky and green
I took a poop, I took a monster poop.
I filled my pants with goop.
I took a poop, I took a monster poop.

I've since forgotten the other verses. I love my husband...and his silly songs. They make great memories.

Story Number Two

Nana and Papa were up for a visit and we were chilling around the dinner table when Kenly got fussy. Nana picked her up and snuggled her close. She touched her leg and got slimed by something. She looked at me and said, "Rhonda, what is this?" I quickly and calmly responded, "That would be poop." Poor Nana got slimed two times on that visit.

Now I'm begging for poop. Please let the constipation pass.

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Tiff said...

LOL! I am looking back through your posts to find the grate that you have in front of your fireplace and I re-read this post. I soooooo get it now. :)