Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Just because I'm dressed nice doesn't mean that I have to smile for the camera. Kenly was tired of showing off after church in Augusta and started screaming until I took off the shoes, the tights, the bloomers, and the dress. I guess she does take after her Mama...she wants to live in PJs. Nana and Papa put the tree up for Kenly Shae and she loved it. She stared at it. She played with ornaments when Nana and Papa put her under the tree.

Mops and Pops came up and we played a couple fierce games of Priceless. Kenly was observing, learning how to kick our butts in just a few years. Mops and Pops kept Kenly so that I could take Adam on a surprise date to a Japanese spa for a two hour hot tub soak and then to the Lobster Trap in downtown Asheville for supper. The date was interesting to say the least....poor Adam got overheated and passed out and didn't feel well for supper, but even with all of that, it was the best time together we've had in four months. We enjoyed grown up talk and time to be alone. It was talking that made us lose track of how much time we had spent in the hot tub. Shame on us.

Here are Nana and Papa with Kenly up on the Blue Ridge Parkway. We wanted to see pretty leaves, but most of them had already fallen. The views were great still.

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