Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Here's my Baby

Look at my cute baby with her first boo boos after her shots. Papa was holding her and massaging her legs to keep them from getting stiff. She was such a trooper. She wailed for abour 45 seconds and then she was all better.
She does indeed have a few dresses. She looks adorable in them too.

Here is Kenly on Halloween. I must have taken about forty pictures of her with the pumpkin. I think I did good to only keep 14. Here is one of my favorites. Aren't those toes cute?

Kenly now loves baths. She's looking up at her Nana and Papa in this shot. It is one of my absolute favorites. After this bath, she got to expereince her first shower. She loved it. She reached out and played with the streams of water. I now think that I'm going to have to buy a hand held shower head just so she can play. Is she a spoiled baby or what?

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